This web site has been created to share the love and magic of music.We not only teach music we encompass the colors and vibrations of life.We do this through musical expression.

We use instruments such as the piano, woodwinds and the human voice.We include theory to guide us through the concepts of music and also explore our inner selves through the creation of music composition.

The key to learning is to love what you are doing. It is the most important part of music study.  Learning to love what you are playing.  Our philosophy is just that.  We create the passion and the drive to make musical magic because we love what we are doing. 

With over 30 years experience of teaching music, we bring the different genres of the musical experience to the fore. 

We can begin with students at the age of 4 if they pass a brief test to see if they are ready to study music.

We suggest piano or keyboard for a beginning student.  They will sing a little at this stage as well.

We believe in a strong healthy body created by good food, essential oils all natural herbs and vitamins. We offer the best products to enhance our being to a better more productive state. We are our own 1st responder and through the various methods on our site we hope you will find all that can make you happy, healthy and wise. Take a few minutes to enjoy our site. Remember to Smile and be happy!