The Tone of Life

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The Biblical question “What is a pearl of great price?”has a hidden meaning in it.  This pearl we hear everywhere.We use it everyday.  We ponder our own thoughts when we observe others using theirs.   Some of us should use it more and others should use it less.  This pearl  has power in it.  It shows strength and can be bold or subtle.  Can you guess what the magic is when it touches your heart?  Well believe it or not it is your voice and sometimes that voice leaves  you breathless.

As we watch one of the best seasons of America Idol ever,  I as a music educator have had the pleasure of observing the diverse talent of this seasons contestants.It isn’t so much how they sing or what they sing  it is about the tone of life they bring to their performances. The manner in which they convey their message through the guise of music has become essential. 

It is not the words they sing, it is the manner in which they sing the songs they choose that has an effect on us, the audience.  How the performers conveys their thoughts  isthrough their looks and smiles.    The words may be soft as a summer night or perhaps the tone may pierce like a dart. The words come from the mind.  However,  the tone comes from the heart.  The inner tone of the heart leaps from the inner self revealing the state of the heart.  Whether we are aware of it or not  gentleness, kindness, love, hate, envy they are all there in the tone of voice.  Some of us prefer ason with his great eyes and strange hair.  The young David sings with purpose and conviction.  Brooke makes us smile and we feel comfortable when she sings her down home songs.  Syesha has found her element with the advent of working with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.  However, the one who repeatedly brings the hair on my arms to full attention is David Cook.  He has,  in my opinion, IT.  What exactly is IT?It is the tone of his voice.  The tone has power in it.  The tone has command and focus.  David Cook sings and we all listen.  You know he cares about what he is singing.  He makes the words live through the tone in his voice. 

We,  are the same way.  Maybe we aren’t in the final five on American Idol however,  we possess a pearl of great price in the tone of our own voice.  We use that tone each and everyday to conveys ideas, thoughts and to sing.   Whether we are singing in church, school, on stage or just singing in the shower our tone of voice is one of the most powerful things we have.  Watch your words but most of all watch the tone of your voice for it is worth more than the finest pearl hidden in the sea.  The tone of life lives in every word we speak.

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