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Again we meet at the beginning of a New Year.  Once agian we find our football team is in the beloved play offs'.  Last year in the 2008 play offs we went up against the New England Patriots in the battle for the AFC Championship.  This year in the Wild Card round we beat the Indianapolis Colts and now on to the Pittsburgh Steelers.   Against everyones predictions we are making a run fot the Super Bowl when three weeks ago we were all but counted  down and OUT of the post season.  We see right before our eyes how persistence pays off.

This year at the annual Krystmas Holiday Recital we had persistence pay off for some of our young men.  Greg Marx, Ryan Brigante, Micheal and John Leone showed just what persistence  can do in piano playing as well as sports.  All
of these young men are active in sports and this year they made their mark in piano performance as well.  I salute the parents of these young men for keeping them involved in their music as well as their sports.  I truly wish more parents would not give up on their children especially as far as music is concerned.  I have heard all the stroies, "He doesn't like to practice." " It takes time away from the things he loves to do." "With home work there is little time for music practice."Where would our Chargers be if many years ago the parents of the players came up with those excuses?

A shinning stars of the Chargers this year is Darrin Sproles.  People have said to me,  "Where did that little guy come from?"  My answer " He has been on the team for years."  When he came to the Chargers he was a walk on.  At 5 ft. 6"
and 156 lbs. he wasn't NFL material.  Several years later he is still 5 Ft. 6" and weighs in at 181 lbs. of pure mussel.  He didn't achieve his goal by coming up with excuses.  He ran as fast as he could toward his goal.  Now everyone knows
his name.  Determination, desire and directions gives way to great success whether on the football field or the piano recital.

It is a bran New Year.  Let us approach this year with the same determination as the young men at the piano recital and on the football field.  After all, we are in control of every decision we make.  Against all odds we are still here and we are going strong...GO CHARGERS!