The Breath of Life

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I have taught vocal music and woodwind instruments for years.  To say the breath is important for the vocalist and the woodwind player is obvious.  That breath is important for life itself is also obvious.  But to millions of Americans the seriousness of breathing is not obvious.  More that 15 Million Americans suffer from Asthma and other breathing disorders.  They use medication and inhalers to get breath that is vital to keeping them alive.  For the most part Asthma suffers do not know how to breathe correctly.  The minute we begin to walk up right most of us breathe shallowly through our mouths using only our lungs instead of breathing through our noses and using the diaphragm to get a breath.

Breathing correctly is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with yourself.  I recommend that my students practice their breath twice daily.  Getting into the habit of breathing the first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed produces two great things.  The morning breath produces oxygen and actively engages the brain and prepares it for the up coming events of the day.  Likewise, the breath at the end of the day, using the same procedure will provide you with a very restful night sleep.  It takes a bit of getting use to I must admit however, I am sure you will be pleased with the results.  You will wonder how you ever got along without proper breath.

The breathing technique will promote good health, increase your stamina and above all if you are an asthma sufferer, you may find  yourself requiring less medication.  Breathing correctly in its' self produces and I quote "A happy blessed opportunity." 

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