How Setting Goals Becomes a Power Habit

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Habits are the fabric of our lives. They shape what we do, where we go and how we get there. What is most important is that habits represent our true values. Working with students of all ages and abilities it has fascinated me how students reach their own personal goals. One of the most important bits of information I, as a teacher receive from my students is an unwritten law,  the LAW OF HABIT. The students approach to their work, be it “Mary Had A Little Lamb" or Beethoven's “Fifth" Piano Concerto, their habits prove to be telling.

goal settingOne of the challenges as a music educator is to keep the students motivated. I find if I can encourage and promote the idea of a power habit the student can become more successful. They become engaged in the idea in as little as twenty-one days, in a mere 3 weeks their lives are changed forever.
In this short period of time the skills become more prudent and the results are absolutely amazing.  It takes only 15 minutes twice daily to achieve this positive power habit. This power habit can be applied to any thing we wish to accomplish and it is extremely useful when we are training to play music. It is a concentrated effort and focus on what we find difficult and daunting.  Breaking the difficulty down to the simplest form it becomes attainable.
In music we may play two or more notes over and over again to reach the desired flow. By simply adding the measure before the difficulty and the measure after we begin to hear the music as intended. Before you know it that which you found difficult to play becomes a great pleasure. Suddenly,  you have sense of accomplishment you hadn’t experienced before. After a while, using the same approach for each difficulty, we find we are playing music we thought impossible mere days before. It is in this process, setting a goal and working through the rough spots and overcoming the problem that creates the power habit.  It makes things easier to accomplish and at this point success becomes addictive.
Music is the mirror of life. Most people who have never had the pleasure of comprehending what the music experience is, cannot understand the value of the correlation to life. If you think about it, what would life be without music? What would life be without the struggle to make the impossible possible? Through perseverance and the use of a power habit within a few short weeks you have mastered a piece of music you thought impossible. You have accomplished a great deal and have become successful.  In additions you have built self esteem.  You now know you can do anything.
When you compare music with the growth and development of successful people you can see a successful person uses goal setting and power habits in every phase of their lives. This skill can be used throughout a lifetime. Once you have made it your own there is no stopping you from reaching any goal you set forth. And to think you learned this process from playing a piece of music. It is amazing what the study of music can do for you without you consciously knowing it.
It is amazing isn’t it? You are making beautiful music and learning a life lesson as well.
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