How Setting Goals Becomes a Power Habit

Habits are the fabric of our lives. They shape what we do, where we go and how we get there. What is most important is that habits represent our true values. Working with students of all ages and abilities it has fascinated me how students reach their own personal goals. One of the most important bits of information I, as a teacher receive from my students is an unwritten law,  the LAW OF HABIT. The students approach to their work, be it “Mary Had A Little Lamb" or Beethoven's “Fifth" Piano Concerto, their habits prove to be telling.

Patience is a Virtue

Through the years I have been committed to being enthusiastic and give my best to my students. Encouragement and praise are the building blocks that become a constant in my students’ lives. I am determined to teach the love and passion of music through patience thus that becomes the focus.

While The Sun Shines Make Hay

Spring is in the air and we can feel the excitement in our bones. School has a couple of months to go. The long awaited summer will soon follow. The end of school brings mile stones to many. Passing from elementary to middle school is a huge step for most students. Then again passing from middle school to high school can be even more daunting.

The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music out of London, England

Welcome to the wonderful world of international musical exams.  The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music out of London, England have been promoting Practical and Theory Exams for the past 120 years, coming to the US in 1989. These exams are used in over 90 countries.  There are over 636,000 candidates involved in this process each year.


It's a very ancient saying, a true and honest thought....that if you become a teacher by your pupils will be taught.  These are the words sung by the beautiful actress Deborah Kerr in the classic movie, THE KING AND I  words and music by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein.  I have had the pleasure of singing the rolls of Anna, the school teacher and Tuptim the young girl pledged to the King.  I have also had the pleasure of seeing the great Yul Brynner in his signature role of the King

The Breath of Life

I have taught vocal music and woodwind instruments for years.  To say the breath is important for the vocalist and the woodwind player is obvious.  That breath is important for life itself is also obvious.  But to millions of Americans the seriousness of breathing is not obvious.  More that 15 Million Americans suffer from Asthma and other breathing disorders.  They use medication and inhalers to get breath that is vital to keeping them alive.  For the most part Asthma suffers do not know how to breathe correctly.  The minute we begin to walk up right most


Again we meet at the beginning of a New Year.  Once agian we find our football team is in the beloved play offs'.  Last year in the 2008 play offs we went up against the New England Patriots in the battle for the AFC Championship.  This year in the Wild Card round we beat the Indianapolis Colts and now on to the Pittsburgh Steelers.   Against everyones predictions we are making a run fot the Super Bowl when three weeks ago we were all but counted  down and OUT of the post season.  We see right before our eyes how persistence pays off.

Listen My Children and You Shall Hear

Recently I received a compliment from one of my adult students that made me stop and think. I quote "Since I have been studying music with you I find I listen more to my music. I have discovered the fine art of listening to others as well."

The Tone of Life

The Biblical question “What is a pearl of great price?”has a hidden meaning in it.  This pearl we hear everywhere.We use it everyday.  We ponder our own thoughts when we observe others using theirs.   Some of us should use it more and others should use it less.  This pearl  has power in it.  It shows strength and can be bold or subtle.  Can you guess what the magic is when it touches your heart?  Well believe it or not it is your voice and sometimes that voice leaves  you breathless.