Patience is a Virtue

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Through the years I have been committed to being enthusiastic and give my best to my students. Encouragement and praise are the building blocks that become a constant in my students’ lives. I am determined to teach the love and passion of music through patience thus that becomes the focus.

I have seen firsthand how patience can change lives. People marvel at the patience I have with my students. Day in and day out I strive to keep pace with the students. I begin each day with a smile on my face and a melody in my heart and that helps keep my level of patience on an even keel.
PatienceWhen I was in college my motto was “Patience is a virtue of which I have none." Little did I realize how vital this statement was to my career.  I have loads of patience now. It was a skill I developed over the years. I have taught people who were ill, physically as well as emotionally scared. I have taught the very young and the elderly. I have learned that praise and encouragement work much better than impatience and anger. Patience plays an important part of life as well.
There have been stories about teachers belittling and brow beating their students to play well or to practice. Motivation by these means do not supply the students with a true love and passion for music and that is my goal. I truly believe anyone can learn to play the piano and have the experience of playing music and entertaining themselves and others for the rest of their lives. This is possible through nurturing and loads of encouragement. This sometimes requires great patience from the teachers as well as the students. The smallest success could turn into major progress. From an “Aha” moment a great experience in music making may have begun. The enlightened eyes of a student overcoming a monumental problem is one of the greatest moments in this teachers’ life.
I refuse to give up on any student.  I keep working with the student showing them the many ways of attaining their goals. “Patience” is the most profound lesson I have ever learned. I am reminded to be grateful and to give “THANKS” for the valuable lessons patience have afforded me. I would have missed much in life without patience. It is a very good thing I kept expecting it to show up. # # #