Alexis Brigante

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Alexis Brigante has studied piano with Marianne Krystmas since the age of 7. Along with her Dad and brother Ryan she shares a great love of music. It is truly a family affair as all three play the piano. She has taken on the task to do the impossible. She has scored Distinction and Merit in Grades One through Four in Theory and Grades One through Five in Practical Exams and has been awarded Certification in Associated Boards of the Royal School of Music of London. This places Miss Brigante in the top 5% of all candidates in the world which are more than 640,000 candidates in 90 countries.

In addition Alexis is an A student with aspirations of attending UCLA pursuing a degree in Fine Arts including Acting and Drama. She has done modeling for print media and has had plenty of expos ure performing before an audience. Her participation twice a year in the recitals at the Studio West Recording Studio in Rancho Bernardo has earned her many awards for her performances.

Alexis also plays Basketball for Poway High School. Much to the chagrin of Ms. Krystmas, last year Alexis broke a finger on her left hand. That did not deter her. With perseverance she continued practicing with the right hand. Spring Recital and Her Board Certification went off without a hitch.

Alexis states "Studying music has helped me with my school work. It teaches discipline, perseverance, develops great work habits and exposure to different languages and mathematic skills. Playing music challenges you to become the best you can be." She practices the piano at least an hour a day, most days and finds focus a very important part of her practice.

Her advice to up and coming students: " It is all about perseverance. You need to stick with it even if it's hard. DON'T QUIT! Challenge yourself. In the end you will feel proud and you'll discover it was all worth it!"