Greg Marx Star Student

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Greg Marx. a Senior  at San Pasqual High School, has been taking piano lessons from Marianne Krystmas for over ten years.

"I started when I was six, after my mother studied piano with Miss Krystmas," explains Greg.  Carrying on a family tradition comes natural for this eighteen-year-old who says music helps relieve stress and helps him in other parts of his life  as well.

"Music has taught me discipline and to never give up, whether it's a piece of music, a school project or any of life's challenges.  Having to learn a difficult piece, for instance, really works your memory.  I still remember all the songs I ever learned from when I was six to now.  Music has improved my memory when dealing with school work as well."  (He was recently nominated for the National Honor Society.)

Greg admits that preparing and performing for two recitals a year can be taxing.  "Being able to play John Lennon's "Imagine" at the last recital was worth all the hard work though," he adds.

Greg, who loves playing all types of music from classical to rock (Elton John is one of his favorites), strongly believes that music has helped him learn to balance all aspects of his life.  He has been active in school sports such as baseball, football, and tennis, and is convinced that music has helped him in each of these endeavors.

"Basically," states Greg, "music helps you get ready for the real world,"  

     When the "real world" becons after high school, Greg has big plans starting with college where he hopes to major in business.  ROTC is part of the plan, followed by West Point, and possibly law school after that.  Whatever Greg decides to do with his life he knows he will always play the piano.

" I love to play!  I see myself playing casual gigs, maybe private parties, that sort of thing.  I just know that music wil always be a part of my life no matter what career path I choose."

Greg's advice to aspiring music students?  "Music is one of life's great experiences so keep playing, keep practicing, and never give up!"